So, you are
getting married.

A simple statement, but one that will be full of meaning for a lifetime to come. It is a day that you, your bride, and your family and friends will remember forever. The days of a man showing up at his wedding with an ill-fitting, rented tuxedo are quite over. Looking great on your big day isn’t only for your wife-to-be. You will want to look at pictures that reflect the man you are, and to look your best you must have an attire, that not only looks great, but one that fits you absolutely perfect. Just think about the look in your wife’s eyes when she sees you for the first time as her husband. That should be enough to know that an investment in your custom suit or custom tuxedo is not only preferable, but essential.

Where do we start?

Come prepared. Most brides know exactly what they want to look like when it comes to their wedding dress. Most guys?... well…

Guys, it’s ok to come with pictures of what you think looks great. This will help your stylist determine what will look best on you. Look at magazines, go on Instagram, take a look at award season and see what people wear to look their best. Any little bit of information will become useful.

Make An Appointment

Get your guys together and come join us at our upscale studio for your personalized one-on-one appointment. The studio is the place for you to relax with a drink, get a great haircut by a professional stylist, watch the latest game, or just hang with the boys, while we create the ultimate sartorial experience for your whole wedding party.

Get Fitted

The perfect suit starts with accurate measurements. No details are spared. One arm a quarter inch shorter than the other? No problem. This is also when we will ask you a series of questions about your style, your likes and dislikes, and gather crucial information, all with one goal in mind; create the perfect garment.

Choose The Details

Details matter. The right fabric will drape your silhouette in the most ideal way. Your personal stylist will guide you in choosing the fabric that fits your needs and your budget. You will also choose your buttons, stitching color, pocket details, interior lining, monogram, etc. We can also complete your look with shoes, socks, ties, cuff links, and pocket squares.


Light Grey Solid Custom Wedding Suit

and Kelly

Custom Black Tuxedo

and Caitlin

Custom Black Tuxedo

and Lisa

Custom 3 piece Charcoal Solid Suit

and Rachel

Custom Black Tuxedo

and Janet

Custom Blue Tuxedo