The Out of Town Gem

While Paige is not located in our Costa Mesa studio, she is an integral part of the b.spoke style team. Based in Colorado, she continues to preach the b.spoke gospel to her clients by creating one-of-a-kind relationships and helping them find the exact right suit, designed to fit their exact specifications. While not busy at work, you can see her, with her husband and kids, leading a very active lifestyle in the Colorado mountains.

3 Questions

What inspires you?

Traveling & Relationships. Seeing different styles, cultures, textures, and people rejuvenates me and inspires me to look at life and my career from different angles. Relationships also inspire me. I strive every day to be a better mother, wife, daughter, friend, and clothier.

How would you define your style?

Sporty Chic. Mixing classic black pumps with a vintage band or university t-shirt and a tailored blazer is my jam.

What is your favorite suit style?

I love classic suits that have a little punch to them. A medium blue suit, 4" peak lapels with a ticket pocket. Keep it simple, but significant.