Keeping the moving parts... moving.

A very busy man, Taylor ensures that the business side of b.spoke runs smoothly. By creating processes and systems that facilitate the operation of b.spoke style, Taylor has his fingerprint on every facet of our business. An avid fan of Los Angeles FC, the latest MLS franchise, Taylor can be found, out of a suit, with a baseball cap on backward, at the stadium, rooting for his favorite team.

3 questions:

What is the most gratifying part of your job as an operations manager?

Coming through for our clients is the most gratifying part of my job. I love making sure our clients receive exactly what they ordered when they need it. I am very detail orientated, so I truly love what I do.

What are your hobbies outside of the office?

My wife and I are season ticket holders for the new soccer team in LA, LAFC. I'm there almost every weekend, yelling and chanting.

Cocktail of choice?

I do love a good IPA. That would have to be my go-to at the moment.