The Wily (and stylish) Veteran

One of the driving forces that make b.spoke what it is, Dan is not only a master salesman, but with more than 30 years in the business, his vast knowledge in all things menswear is an incredible resource for the entire team. With a twinkle in his eye and an affable manner, an appointment with Dan is just like spending time with a good friend.

3 questions:

What excites you?

We are transforming not only someone’s look but their lifestyle as well. There is only one you.

What is the must-have for a man's wardrobe?

A beautiful, dark, all occasion suit. Pair it with a stylish black or blue sports coat. When it comes to pants, all standard colors of pants are a must along with basic white and blue dress shirts. Moreover, of course, a pair of black and antique brown shoes with a matching belt!

Staple accessories?

ALWAYS! Complete your look with a beautiful print pocket square, an elegant set of cufflinks and a fun pair of socks! Always try to shine a little brighter than the next guy!