Dave Welch is a Driven Man

Having carved an enviable space as one of the premier custom clothiers in Orange County, he now seeks to get customers from around the country to get a taste of what โ€œthe experience of dressing wellโ€ is all about. With a renewed commitment to his craft, the latest in luxury fabrics, state-of-the-art design, and a justified reputation as a customer service expert, he aims to deliver a superlative experience that transcends sales.ย 

What drives you?

Watching a client stand a little taller the first time he tries on the suit we delivered.

What do you consider style staples?

A blue suit worn as separates with a white dress shirt, a gray-shade pant or a great pair of jeans, and I'd finish the outfit with a pair of burnished brown loafers.

Pocket squares: yes or no?

Yes, always. Style is not a sometimes thing.