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Life is too short to settle.

Choosing the perfect look isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be time consuming and costly. Even after you’re done, you may not have gotten exactly what you want.

Don’t settle for off the rack.

Department stores may not have exactly what you are looking for, from the size to the style. We can get you exactly the look and style you are envisioning.

The Personal Touch

At b.spoke, we can help you design the exact look you want. From a custom fitting, to choosing colors, patterns, and even the small details like buttons, we cover it all.

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Own the Room

Whether you are walking into a wedding or an office, we can suit you for any occasion and have people noticing just how good you look. You will be the hero of your story.

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DIXON | Grey

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We want to create the best wardrobe you can possibly dream of. From our initial consultation, to the very last fitting, with a couple of cocktails in between, our team ensures that you will get the best possible experience, and that because of it, you will become customers for life.

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For more than 20 years, Dave Welch has been my go-to clothier, and I've never been disappointed. I love being apart of the b.spoke style family!

Bart Zandbergen

I've spent many afternoons at the studio just being able to hang out and talk to the team about my needs. I am a client for life.

Brandon Moody

Just like the athletes I train and advise, the team at b.spoke provides individual attention to your style in order to maximize your wardrobe.

Tyler Mounce

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