Gladson Flex Sport Sportcoat Package

Gladson Flex Sport Sportcoat Package

Regular price $ 2,095.00 Sale price $ 1,595.00

A Sportcoat made with Gladson Fabric for only $1,595 originally $2,095! Select from a variety of patterns and colors to fit your style.
FREE Custom Shirt
FREE Pocket Square
FREE Pair of Socks
(Valued at $289)

For a total savings of $789.00.

*Flex Sport 549
*Fabric Show In Image 254912 (In Flex Sport)

Gladson’s Flex Sport collection checks all these boxes. Produced by the famed Reda mill of Biella, Italy, our Super 110’s wool stretch fabric is a breakthrough development. It contains 1% Roica™, a sustainable elastic fiber that gives the fabric sufficient stretch to deliver the comfort that both men and women require today. This is often not achievable in fabrics with “natural stretch”. Another bonus is the completely different character that this fabric acquires as a result of the proprietary technology used in making it. The cloth looks finer and feels lighter and more luxurious than the Super 110’s fiber it contains.